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Did you know that the state of Montana is situated in the Western region of America? Did you know that there are 56 Counties in the state? Did you know that Montana is the 41st state of the U.S. constitution? Read our fun facts sheet to find out more - why not watch the free entertaining video and to learn more about the US States.

Fun Fact 1: The name Montana originates from the Spanish word montaña, which means mountain. There are over 50 mountain ranges in the state

Fun Fact 2: The state flag is a field of blue with the state seal centrally located below the yellow letters of the word Montana. The state seal depicts the regional landscape it includes; sunny skies, mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, rivers, a plough to represent agriculture, a pick and shovel to represent mining industries. The state motto "Oro y plata" is displayed on a banner at the base of the state seal

Fun Fact 3: The Capital city of Montana is Helena. The largest city in the state is Billings

Fun Fact 4: The area of the State covers 381,154 square kilometers or 147,042 square miles

Fun Fact 5: There are four states that border Montana they are; Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and  Wyoming

Fun Fact 6: The Montana state nickname is "The Treasure State" the name was given in tribute to the rich mineral reserves, including gold and silver that were found in the region

Fun Fact 7: The Roe River, situated near Great falls is the smallest river in the world! It is just 60 meters (200ft) long and was entered into the Guinness book of world records in 1989

Fun Fact 8: The official State Song is "Montana" it was written by Charles C. and dates back to September 1910 and was adopted as the state song on February 20, 1945

Fun Fact 9: The three largest cities in Montana are Billings, Missoula and Great Falls

Fun Fact 10: The State Motto is "Oro y plata" the State Motto is Spanish, translated it means "Gold and Silver" and is a reference to the historical impact from early mining

Fun Fact 11: A brief history of Montana - In 1803, the majority of the region was subject to the Louisiana Purchase. The first permanent settlement was established in 1841. The area was structured as the Montana Territory in 1864 and became the 41st State to be admitted to the Union on November 8,1889

Fun Fact 12: The abbreviation letters for the state of Montana are - Mont. The Postal Code abbreviation is - MT

Fun Fact 13: The state symbols include; MT animal symbol - the Grizzly Bear. MT state bird symbol - the Western Meadowlark. MT state flower symbol - the Bitterroot. MT state insect emblem - the  Mourning Cloak Butterfly. MT State tree - the Ponderosa Pine

Fun Fact 14: Major Industries for the area includes; farming, agriculture (wheat, barley, sugar beets, rye, oats and potatoes), cattle ranching, tourism, timber/lumber industry and mining Industries.

Fun Fact 15: The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Montana in 2012 was an estimated 1,005,141. This compares to a population of 243,329 in the 1900 census

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