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Did you know that the state of Minnesota is situated in the Midwest area of America? Did you know that Minnesota is the 32nd state of the U.S. constitution? Our selection of interesting, cool fun facts, trivia and information about Minnesota will help you increase your knowledge on this Fascinating American State

Fun Fact 1: The name Minnesota originates from a Native Indian (Dakota Sioux) word that describes the Minnesota River “cloudy water”

Fun Fact 2: The state flag is a field of blue which centrally depicts the state seal. The seal consists of a central scenic image; key figures include a farmer ploughing, and a Native American riding a horse, at the top of the image is a red banner with the state motto written upon it in yellow. The image is surrounded with the state flower, lady-slippers, and three key dates; 1819 - the year Fort Snelling was established, 1858 - when Minnesota became an established state, 1893 - when the flag was adopted. The outer circle of the seal contains nineteen yellow five pointed stars - it was the 19th state to enter the union. The name of the State - Minnesota is written at the bottom of the seal in red capital letters

Fun Fact 3: There are 17 cities within the state. The Capital city of Minnesota is Saint Paul

Fun Fact 4: The area of the State covers 225,181 square kilometers or 86,939 square miles. There are 87 counties within in the state.

Fun Fact 5: There are four states that border Minnesota they are; North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin

Fun Fact 6: The Minnesota state nickname is "The North Star State" which drives from the State Motto

Fun Fact 7: The State Motto is "L'Etoile du nord" the State Motto is written in French, translated it reads "The Star of the North"

Fun Fact 8: The official State Song of is "Hail! Minnesota" it was written by Truman E. Richard and Arthur E. Upson

Fun Fact 9: The three largest cities in Minnesota are Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Duluth

Fun Fact 10: The State has 90,000 miles of shoreline, which is greater than the shorelines of California, Florida and Hawaii combined together!

Fun Fact 11: A brief history of Minnesota - In the middle of the 17th century the region was explored by the French. After the revolutionary war it became part of the America through the Treaty of Paris (1783) and the Louisiana Purchase (1803). Minnesota became the 32nd State to be admitted to the Union on May 11, 1858

Fun Fact 12: The abbreviation letters for the state of Minnesota are - Minn. The Postal Code abbreviation is - MN

Fun Fact 13: State symbols include; MN state bird symbol - Common Loon. MN state flower symbol - Mayflower. MN state insect emblem - the Monarch Butterfly. MN State tree - Red Pine (or Norway Pine)

Fun Fact 14: The climate is variable and each season is distinctive. Springs are warm, with cool breezes. Summers are sunny and hot (around 90°F or 32°C). The state is renowned for its Autumn/Fall beauty; the warm days and stunning foliage attract sightseers. The winters are cold and often snowy, especially in the northern areas

Fun Fact 15: The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Minnesota in 2012 was an estimated 5,379,139. This compares to a population of 1,751,394 in the 1900 census

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