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Did you know that the state of Indiana is situated in the Midwestern (Great Lakes) region of North America?  Did you know that it is nicknamed "The Hoosier State"? Did you know that it is the 19th state of the U.S. constitution? Read our facts sheet to find out more - why not watch the free entertaining video and learn about the US States the easy way!

Fun Fact 1: The name Indiana originated from the words 'Land of the Indians'


Fun Fact 2: The blue flag of Indiana depicts the torch of liberty surrounded by yellow stars - 19 in total. There are 13 stars on the outer circle which represent the first 13 colonies of the US, 5 on the lower half within the circle which signify the five states admitted to the union prior to Indiana, and a large star above the torch which represents the state, the word Indiana appears above this star. The official state flag was adopted in the year 1917

Fun Fact 3: The Capital city is Indianapolis

Fun Fact 4: The area of the State covers 94,327 square kilometers or 36,420 square miles

Fun Fact 5: There are four states that border Indiana they are; Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois

Fun Fact 6: The Indiana state motto is - The Crossroads of America, this is because numerous interstate highways go through the state

Fun Fact 7: The state flower of Indiana is the Peony

Fun Fact 8: The official State Song of Indiana is "On the banks of the Wabash" it was written and composed by Paul Dresser

Fun Fact 9: The three largest cities in Indiana are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Evansville

Fun Fact 10: Major Rivers that run through the state are; Ohio River, Wabash River, White River and the Tippecanoe River

Fun Fact 11: A Short History of Indiana - The area was settled by the French until 1763 when became succeeded by the British until 1783. Indiana Territory was designated in 1800

Fun Fact 12: The abbreviation letters for the state of Indiana is - IND the Postal Code abbreviation is - IN

Fun Fact 13: The climate is generally humid; temperatures vary throughout the state but are less variable during the summer. Summer months can be wet and warm with the climate reaching an average of 64F- 84F in the north and 69F - 90F in the south

Fun Fact 14: The Indiana State Bird Symbol is the Cardinal

Fun Fact 15: The US Department of Commerce Census Bureau states that the Population of Indiana in 2012 was an estimated 6,537,334. This compares to a population of 2,930,390 in the 1920 census

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