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Did you know that the capital city of Delaware is Dover? Did you know that it was the 1st State to be admitted to the U.S. constitution? Did you know that The State Motto of Delaware is "Liberty and Independence"?

Fun Fact 1: The name Delaware is believed to have originated from the Delaware River and Bay; these were named as a tribute to Virginia Company's first governor Sir Thomas West (Lord de la Warr) in Jamestown, 1610

Fun Fact 2: The state flag dates back to 1913. The traditional colors of the flag represent the original colors of George Washington's uniform. The flag displays a camel coloured diamond which depicts the state coat of arms (dating back to 1777). The coat of arms includes representative symbols (from left to right); Farmer - farming and agriculture, a Ship - shipping business, building and services, Farmer - farming and agriculture, Wheat Sheaf and Maize (corn) - strength in agricultural business/economy, Water - the Delaware River, Ox - animal farming and production, the state Motto - "Liberty and Independence", Militia man - honouring the citizen-soldiers that fought for American liberty

Fun Fact 3: Delaware is the second smallest American state it is located on the US Atlantic East Coast. There are 3 states that directly border Delaware they are; Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Fun Fact 4: The land area of the State covers 2489 square miles or 6447 square kilometers

Fun Fact 5: Delaware has three counties New Castle, Kent and Sussex

Fun Fact 6: The official state nickname is "The First State"; Delaware was the 1st State to be admitted to the U.S. constitution on December 7 1787

Fun Fact 7: The state flower is the Peach Blossom

Fun Fact 8: The name of the official State Song is "Our Delaware" it was written by George B. Hynson and the music was composed by Will M. S. Brown

Fun Fact 9: The three largest cities in Delaware are Wilmington, Dover and Newark

Fun Fact 10: The climate in Delaware is moderate throughout the year. In the summer the average temperature is around 74 degrees cooling to 32 degrees in the winter months. The sun shines approximately 60% of the year, with an annual rainfall of 114cm (45in)

Fun Fact 11: A Short History - Dutch explorers settled in Delaware in 1631. The Swedes were the first to make a permanent European settlement in the Delaware Valley. In 1664 the region was passed by deed to the English. Disputes raged from 1682 until 1776 in connection with William Penn's Pennsylvania grant. Delaware was freed from the British Empire, the Declaration of Independence was signed, and Delaware was established as an independent state

Fun Fact 12: The abbreviation letters for the state of Delaware - DEL

Fun Fact 13: The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a set of twin suspension bridges that cross the Delaware River. Named the Memorial Bridge it commemorates those that died during World War II, the Korean and the Vietnam Wars. The first stage opened to public traffic on August 16, 1951

Fun Fact 14: Delaware's official State dessert is Peach pie! Acknowledging the heritage and historic significance of Peach farming peach pie was officiated as the state dessert on July 30, 2009

Fun Fact 15: There are some cool places to visit including award winning beaches; Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach. Sixteen state parks including; Bellevue and the historic Fort Delaware State Park, Killens Pond State Park. Historical sites; Amstel House Museum, George Read II House and Gardens and Fort Christina

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