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Did you know that the state of California is situated on the West Coast of the United States? It has borders with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. Did you know that it is the 31st state of the U.S. constitution? Read our facts sheet for more information and interesting facts about this amazing American State

Fun Fact 1: The name California is believed to have originated from a book by a by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo, the book called 'Las Sergas de Esplandian' is a story about a Spanish island that is ruled by a queen called 'Califia' - hence the name California


Fun Fact 2: The state flag depicts a single red star, a red stripe and a bear

Fun Fact 3: The capital of Capital City is Sacramento; it is the sixth-largest city within the state

Fun Fact 4: The area of California State covers 163707 square miles or just over 423999 square kilometers

Fun Fact 5: It is ranked 3rd largest American state, after Alaska and Texas (largest and second Largest)

Fun Fact 6: The highest temperature ever recorded in the US was recorded in Death Valley, California on July 10, 1913. The temperature soared in at a whopping 56.7 C (134 F) Phew!

Fun Fact 7: Beverly Hills is a wealthy city in Los Angeles, southern California; it is home to the shopping district Rodeo Drive and was featured in the popular television show Beverly Hills 90210

Fun Fact 8: Skateboarding first originated in southern California, 1963

Fun Fact 9: The state nickname is "The Golden State"

Fun Fact 10: The Disneyland Resort is in Anaheim. The iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle is adorned with real 22-karat gold leaf to ensure that it sparkles and glistens with full effect even on rainy days

Fun Fact 11: The largest city in the state is Los Angeles; L.A. is the second largest city in the whole of the U.S.

Fun Fact 12: California sea lions are found all along the coastline; they are the most common type of sea lion seen in zoos and aquariums around the world

Fun Fact 13: Fruity Fact! 98% of all eating grapes produced in the US are grown in the state of California!

Fun Fact 14: Zorro, the masked comic book hero was created in 1919 by Johnston McCulley, it was set in old Spanish California

Fun Fact 15: The State Motto is "Eureka" or "I have found it"

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