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Did you know that the state of Alaska is situated at the top northwest tip of the American continent? Did you know that it is the 49th state of the U.S. constitution?

Fun Fact   1: Native Americans and their descendants have lived in Alaska for thousands of years. Today they make up approximately 20% of the population and between them speak 20 different languages

Fun Fact   2: Russian explorers settled in Alaska and gave the state it's name, the name translates as "the object toward which the action of the sea is directed"

Fun Fact   3: It was purchased from Russia in 1867, and became the 49th state of America on 3 January 1959

Fun Fact   4: In terms of land area Alaska is the largest state in America

Fun Fact   5: The coastline of Alaska is longer than all of the other U.S. states combined

Fun Fact   6: The State flower of Alaska is the alpine forget-me-not

Fun Fact   7: The flag of Alaska has a dark blue background; on it are eight gold stars, which represent the constellations the Big Dipper and the North Star. The big dipper symbolizes a bear, which is indigenous to Alaska. The North Star determines the direction of true north in the sky, Alaska being a northern state

Fun Fact   8: A malamute (malimiut) is a breed of dog that was originally developed by Eskimo tribes in north-western Alaska

Fun Fact   9: Akutaq is a native Eskimo ice cream; it is made with reindeer fat, oil taken from seals, dried and cured fish meat mixed with together with a selection of berries!

Fun Fact 10: There 143 cities in Alaska, Juneau is the Capital city, but Anchorage is the largest

Fun Fact 11: The state song is "Alaska's Flag" the words describe the symbolism of the flag

Fun Fact 12: There are 130 volcanoes in Alaska, they account for 80 percent of the activity for all volcanoes in the United States

Fun Fact 13: Alaska is the only US state to have coastlines on three different seas, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea

Fun Fact 14: Baked Alaska is the name for a classic sweet flan that looks like an iceberg, it has a white outer made of meringue and is filled with frozen ice cream

Fun Fact 15: Approximately 25% of all oil produced in the United States originates from Alaska

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